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Maya Abstract #5 (Time-Lapse) Video Uploaded

Howdy.  There's a new video to watch.  It's ol' number 5.  This one was a bit different than the others. Not only was it bigger than the rest, the background was originally painted in 2007.  Since I was happy with the end result, it makes me want to dig out other old paintings that I don't like and add to them. The painting took about 6 hours in real time but this is a time-lapse, so take some edibles and enjoy the flowing colors put to relaxing music.

Number Seven and Eight

The next two paintings in the series. Seven and Eight. Seven is the black and white one that looks "sci-fi". That one was an experiment, using fountain pens with pigmented ink on top of acylic on a gessoed panel. Eight is just acrylic ink and paint. One is 9x12 and the other is 8x8.