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The First Six Abstracts

The series is really starting to expand. Here are the first six. Seven and Eight are finished and I'll post them soon, but they weren't ready when I took this photo. FYI, In the background you can see my "Lego Minifigure" painting. There are prints of that one for sale on Etsy. The "Maya Abstract" Art Series

New Video. Abstract #4

The new video is up on my Youtube channel.  It features the creation of "Maya Abstract #4".  Now that I've decided to pursue this style and see where it takes me, I decided to go bigger and on canvas. I'm still using acrylic ink and markers. Check it out and please subscribe.

Abstract Art and Videos

I haven't been too good about posting on this blog - for the last 3 and half years I've been concerned with writing my novels, and one of the things I've neglected to mention is I've been making some Youtube videos.   These are the standard time-lapse videos of the art process and I've done some fairly realistic renderings of birds and the TARDIS from Doctor Who . I've also showcased a couple of vintage pens and pencils.  But then I started a new abstract art series and I've really enjoyed producing them.  I thought after I did a few in my sketchbook, and did one or two of the paintings I would stop, but I haven't.  So, I've decided to see if I can produce enough for an exhibit. Since I was playing around with videos anyway, I'm recording the creation of these paintings. If you check them out and like them, there are more in the works and please do me a solid and subscribe to my channel. It would really help me out.  If I can monetize this channe