Papa Squid's Magical Stories For Good Little People: The Witch and The Pig

The Witch and The Pig Illustration
The Witch and The Pig

“What?” Said the witch. “Why aren't you moving?”

“I don't wanna.” Said the pig.

The witch let out a long sigh. This was proving to be more problematic than she had expected. “What do you want?” She finally asked.

“I want to be a man again.” Answered the pig.


“Yes.” The pig replied.

“But you were not happy as a man. 'Men work too hard.' That's what you told me.” The witch explained. “So, I fixed it for you.”

“How have you fixed it? I'm working now. You have me pulling a cart!” The pig exclaimed.

After a moment of thought, the witch said. "It's not that big of a cart and I'm a small person, so how much work could it really be?"

“It's still labor, and now, I might be eaten by the villagers.” Said the pig.

The witch shook her head. “You appear a bit sour. I doubt anyone finds you appetizing.” She said, trying to be helpful.

“Someone would.” The pig harrumphed. “Pickles are popular in these parts.”

“So they are.” The witch agreed and considered, yet again, pursuing a career in real estate.


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