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Beach Vacations: The Restful Apocalypse

I just returned from a vacation at the beach and I'm happy to report that I survived, unscathed, the perilous journey into what has apparently become a “Hell on Earth” scenario wrought with danger. Let me explain. I grew up near the Gulf Coast region of Texas and in the past going to the beach was something you did for fun without too much thought. For those of you without a map, the beaches of Texas are located on the Gulf of Mexico - which unlike the rest of the world's oceans seem to be a kinder and gentler beach. As an example, our worst jellyfish is the Portuguese Man-o-war* which has quite a nasty sting. But, when compared to Australia’s Box Jellyfish, which can kill you in mere minutes, its a pussy. The worst incidents that I had ever heard of back then, were about people that were unfortunate enough to have stepped on a stingray and were stabbed in the foot or leg with the sharp barb that is located in it's tail. In Texas, shark attacks are almos