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Let's Have a Meeting!

If you do a search for a phrase like “types of business meetings” on the internet, your search results will retrieve various sites exulting the virtues of meetings in the workplace. They say things like: Workplace meetings are an important part of management that enable you and the other employees to solve problems, improve performance, build teamwork and so forth. Meetings are supposed to make a department or a company a well oiled machine of output, that would both shame and awe God himself when He realizes that you and your co-workers could have built the universe in 5 days instead of 7 if He just would have created you people first and let you take a crack at it. I apparently have never been that lucky and with the exceptions of meetings with truly new information that the employees needed to hear, most of the meetings that I've participated in have been useless endeavors that didn't work because they were phony and contrived. In the various jobs that I'