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Don't Talk to Jack

Making Jack-o-lanterns is a fun activity on Halloween. Or is it? Discover one man's decent into madness with this tale of horrible pumpkin doom! Enjoy it if you dare! Bwahahahaha! RETIRED! No horrors to face here now. This story has been retired.  It may be gone, but you can check out the new Halloween story for 2016.

When Flour Attacks

I fought a 2000 lb. Sack of flour. I'm not a violent man, so I don't generally go looking for trouble, but trouble found me one day while the wife and I worked at a flour mill. At first, it was a normal work day back in a time when life was simpler and we were dirt poor. I was enjoying the simple pleasures of the latest odd job; I was getting to wear a hair net and pack bags of corn meal into boxes. It was fun and exciting watching the colorful corn meal bags take the exciting slide down from the packaging machines to me and my wife's waiting, loving hands as we gingerly packed them away, patted their cute little baggy tops and wished them a happy journey and a healthy life. Incidentally, this was the first time I had ever seen the additional “beard net” accessory. It was on the face of one of the supervisors. It looked like he was wearing chin panties. (Refer to Fig A.) The gentleman I observed didn't seem to mind all the extra netting wr