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Yellow Mums

Hi Folks. One of the ways I've made a living over the years is with photography.  Lately, I've started shooting some shots here and there for fun and profit, like these Mums.  I hope you like 'em, because I'm doing some more. :)  BTW, if you're in Fredericksberg Texas you can buy a signed and framed print at "The Flower Pail" . Seeya!

Aqua Team Sketch

Every night I try to do a quickie sketch to keep myself limber.  In the past I've never drawn fan art.  But the need to come up with something made me try my hand at fan art and I was surprised that I had fun with it.  Trying to keep the same feel as the original but with your style in it was interesting.  So, here is my first try with the Aqua Team Hunger Force.  For the most part I like how it came out but I think I will try some more and push it harder. Enjoy the sketch and if you haven't ever done anything like this I recommend it as a drawing exercise. S.