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Illustration Friday: Launch

Even little green men had to experiment to get space flight right.  Maybe I'll render this. Enjoy.

Hi. There be monsters...

Hi.  First I want to say "Thank You" for everyone that came and visited me at my tent at the Memorial Show in Kerrville.  I know it was a hot and windy show, so I'm sorry it took so long to mention this.  For today's update I colored a sketch of a couple of monsters.  Nothing big, just some little 'toons I originally sketched up in my notebook at a show in Helotes during some down time. I also wanted to mention that I am now offering some customizable art in my Etsy store.  You can put whatever message you want in the thought balloon and "bingo" you've got something personalized. The painting is the one that I used for the illustration on this blogs title;  The cat floating away with the balloons.  So until next time...