Happy New Year!

So another year is gone and new one is born. Each year comes in looking all cute and full of promise and you just wanna pinch it's cheeks! And then it happens, you realize that Time is a big slobbering thing, each year is nibbling at us, consuming us, until we are just a sticky mess of goo. And not just us, the whole world will be a cold, dead thing; a half consumed Dilly Bar orbiting around a dying star until the sun explodes sending the last remnants like a hastily discarded diaper to the far flung reaches of the great void...

Um sorry, that's a bit of a downer... soooooooo Happy New Year Everybody!
And remember to laugh!
Brought to you by the Bipolar Artist's Council.


Anonymous said…
Ok I can not even comment on your commentary. Have a safe and Happy New Year everyone !!!!!!


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